Periodically we must change the vehicle’s engine oil and oil filter, the process of doing so is called quick lube service. Along with changing engine oil and oil filter, we thoroughly make 15 points check for the vehicle Body condition, brake fluid level, tires condition & body wash. The full list is specified below.

Service Highlights:
• 10,000 KM Oil Interval
• Genuine Oil Filter
• 15 Points Check
• Body Wash
• Lubricants Top-Up

15 Points Check List
• Check Body Condition
• Check Tires Condition
• Check Tires Air Pressure
• Clean Engine Air Filter
• Check Anti-Freeze Coolant Level
• Check Transmission Oil Level
• Check Brake Fluid
• Check Power Steering Oil Level
• Check Wiper Washer Water Level
• Check Battery health Condition
• Check Under Body Chassis
• Check Engine Health Condition, Outer Belt and Oil Leakage
• Check Vehicle All Lights
• Check Wiper Blade Operation
• General Look

• Increases the resale value of your vehicle.
• Extends your car’s lifespan.
• Protects your car against rust Reduces repair costs.
• Safer vehicle body

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